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A prestigious address for our event

INIM will be organised in the new Radisson Blu Hotel located in Antananativo Waterfront, near the city center, in a green settings on the edge of a lake and a modern and secure shopping center with around hirty one-storey shops. An asset of importance where one can stroll smoothly,, in the calm of an airy space, far from the urban ambient hustle and bustle pollution around attractive shops for travellers.

The structures of this new brand establishment will host the entire event while offering more than comfortable rooms and all necessary services allowing participants to evolve in an ideal working environment and comfort during their stay in Madagascar.



Jacky JAYAT has created more than 50 events in France and international, professional or intended for the general public, as a counsel, provider or in the context of its own activities. Many of these events have become leaders in their sector where they are still very active. These 40 years of creation in the event industry confered a solid experience that he still continues to build on today.
Seduced by Madagascar in 2005, It becomes a lifestyle choice to diversify its activities in a spirit of economic and sustainable development.
He was supported in 2012 by Nathalie Munoz who took in charge the activities in France. He thus devotes himself to the creation of events and the promotion of tourism in Madagascar such as the Whale Festival, the Lemur Trophy and much others still supported by locals, managed by Cécile Lantou.
His activities in tourism allowed him to discover all the Malagasy lands and their diversity in plants, with more than 80% endemicity. Some natural products with high potential, sought after but not discovered by a large part of manufacturers from around the world.
This “face to face” professional leads him to the creation of the first event making local producers / exporters of natural ingredients in Madagascar meet directly potential international buyers, in all concerned areas.
The presence of its activities in France and Madagascar is an opportunity to facilitate the technical organisation and promotion of the symposium: iniM
Innovative Natural Ingredients Madagascar which will take place on June, 15th and 11th 2022 in Antananarivo.

Nathalie Munoz

FESTIV France - Tel: 00 33 6 75 40 74 66
Directed by Nathalie Munoz, FESTIV France is an human-sized structure. Nathalie Munoz has been working since over 20 years with Jacky JAYAT with whom she has signed some great successes.
Her foreign languages practice leads her naturally towards the management of international customers.
She will be in charge on this event of the visitors’ promotion, in France, Europe and other continents.


Tél : 032 42 258 01 - 034 28 696 58 -

After more than 10 years experiences in tourism sector, she joined FESTIV Madagascar in 2019, in charge of sports and tourism events management. On the time being, she contributed to the Ini Madagascar event conception. Now that she is directly in contact with local producers and speakers of Innovative Natural Ingredients Madagascar 2022, she will lead the event’s local general management.

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